Tricare Information and Urgent Care Updates

16 September 2016

Updated 6.13.18

Every time we PCS we have to contact the current region and get our tricare switched over. For example when we moved from San Diego, CA to Kings Bay, GA. I had to switch from Tricare west region to Tricare south region.

As far as Emergency Room visits go, you can be seen at any ER and the bill will be covered. I personally prefer Urgent Care over the Emergency Room.

Tricare now offers UNLIMITED Urgent Care visits, without having to first obtain an authorization code. You just go to urgent care and the visits will be covered. In the past you had to contact Tricare in advance to have your visit authorized or else Tricare would not pay the bill.

Click on this link for more details 

West Region (United Healthcare)

North Region (Health Net)

South Region (Humana Military)

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