Baby Names

07 November 2013

I've downloaded a few apps on my phone for baby name help. One of them is This app has some names by ranking. Most of the names on the top 100 list are cute, but they are so popular that, if I name my son of one them, he will probably meet a few 100 other kids his age with the same name. That's just not cool at all.

It is so hard for me to pick a name for my son. If it's up to me he would have at least ten names. lol. I can't find one name to stick with. I know I have a few more months to make my mind up but it's so hard!

So far I like the Names, Kingston, Cash, Joshua, Nicholas, Declan and Cayden. There's a few different ways that Caiden could be spelled. That's one reason why I like that name. Even though I these are a few of the names that I like, I still can't come up with a middle name for these names either. Without a middle name to go with the first name, really makes it hard to sample the name out.

My Husband hasn't came up with any names yet. He wants the baby to be born and we look at him and name him. I don't think I can wait that long. I really want him to have a name ASAP. One thing that we do agree on is that, we do not want him to be a Junior at all. That's not something that we are interested in. Our son needs his own identity.

Any baby names you would like to recommend? I'm looking for something simple, but cute.

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  1. hey you! loved your name choices so far! I like Kingston-plan to name my son that. i like Joshua, my love's name. what about Lorenzo or Conner? just some other names i like. hope you are well, and i am back to blogging it seems!

    1. Kingston is the coolest/custest name to me, but of course i'm still torn between all of the names. lol

  2. Completely understand what you are going through. I was at lost for a name for my son. One night I had a dream and the name Jordan was in it. Weird but after that dream I was content that his name would be Jordan. Nevertheless, a month before my son was born my dad asked if I would name my son after him. Me being a daddys girl said of course but I wouldn't give him my fathers direct name I would cooperate his name into my son name. And, thus, the name Archer was born My dad names Archibald but that was too old school for me. I love the name Kingston not too common but also cute. I like Cayden but it's becoming too popular. How about trying to add your name or sons father name and she what you get. It will probably be fun. =)

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    1. I would love to come up with a spin off of my name mixed with my husbands(Jeremy) name. It would be cool. The name would actually have some meaning to the both of us.