20 October 2012

Im always looking for new music for free. I normally find all of my music from a mixtape website but I can't download individual songs. I have to download the whole mixtape which is not cool for me. So now i've found a way to download any song I want, and for FREE!!

RealPlayer is a software that you can download for free. You can legally download music for free using this software.

It will record videos that you watch on youtube or any other website. Then you can save them as MP3. Then your able to use the mp3 as music of course. You can then add them to your Ipod or MP3 player. In my case, I add my music to my phone. I have 16GB of internal memory on my phone so it's just as much as the basic Ipod touch has.

Here's the Directions:
got to RealPlayer website
click the download button in the lower RIGHT corner of the page
after the program has downloaded it will ask you to close your browsers that are open.
after that's done, then reopen a new browser.
Next go back to the realplayer website and click on the download button on the bottom LEFT corner
Not sure why I had to download both, but it wouldn't work for me without both downloads.
(example only, you can view videos on any website you choose) go to YouTube and find a video you like
Then move your mouse over the video. The DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO button should appear.
Click on that button and the video will download.
After the video downloads, go to the downloa player and click convert to mp3.
Now your video is a song only. You can transfer the song to any of your devices now.

I hope this works for everybody. If not, let me know and I will try to guide you thru this.
(FYI if you leave a comment below asking for help please include your email address so i can help you. THX)

This is my first time hearing about RealPlayer. Im sure there's a ton of people that already know about it. I guess im just late.

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  1. Wow, this is really cool! I may check into this. Thanks for visiting. I'm now following you back, my new friend! Cathy Kennedy's Blog

  2. Here from the weekend showcase. I've used RealPlayer for years- being up to date w/technology is one of the advantages of having teens around. Guess puberty ::shudder:: wasn't all bad. ; ) BB2U

  3. I found you at the Weekend Showcase too! Great info for the technologically challenged old fogies like me! I'm following on GFC!